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Hello, I thought that I would post this just in case it can benefit someone ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    MMS Problem Solved



    I thought that I would post this just in case it can benefit someone else, and save them the hassle I have gone through.

    I bought a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 in October of 2006 with the $19.99 data package. For the first 2 weeks I could send and receive MMS messages with no problem. The all of the sudden received MMS messages were blank, and if I tried to send a MMS message I just got a Red X. From November '06 to March '07 I was on the phone with Tech support on and off. They finally sent me a new phone for free, but the problem persisted! Then this new software upgrade was released within the last few weeks, and I thought that the upgrade might fix the problem, but it was a no go. At this point the problem had persisted for almost a year. Talk about frustrating.

    Well! Yesterday I decided to call again. I spoke with a brilliant Tech Support woman by the name of Jennifer. Within 5 minutes she noticed that somewhere in their settings for my MMS service the settings were changed to Prepaid account instead of Post account. If you have the data package the setting on their end should be Post account. After she made the correction, VOILA my MMS works like a charm. Since it took a year for Tech Support to notice the problem I thought that posting this might save someone else a year of frustration.

    Take Care,

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    Re: MMS Problem Solved

    ~via SUPA BB (

    That's good to hear. I wonder if this rep is a fellow Pinstacker Hopefully this post can help others with MMS issues.

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    Re: MMS Problem Solved

    yeah this sounds good man thanks for the tip
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    Re: MMS Problem Solved

    So is this is just for the RED X ? Are people still getting the blank MMS?

    Thanks for the info

    Welcome to the Stacks!

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    Re: MMS Problem Solved

    I had that problem once before, but it was settings on my end that were screwed up. 5 mins and I'm up and running.

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