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Is it just my OS or is this just the way it is with the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    mms pictures


    Is it just my OS or is this just the way it is with the pearl. I am an at&t customer and I cannot send or recieve pictures via text. I also do not have the MMS option in "options" like on the Curve(on which I can send and recieve pics via text). It seems odd to me that I cannot send a pictures unless I attach it to email with the pearl. Any help.
    I quickly went through the FAQ and need to know sections and didnt see the answer. I hope I didnt miss it and waste your time.

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    Re: mms pictures

    Hmmmm...that's strange, I'm with at&t too...and I have no problems!!

    Not sure what to tell you..

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    Re: mms pictures

    it sounds like you dont have the service books associated with sending mms, I'd suggest calling att and telling them that you cant send picture messages.
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    Re: mms pictures

    Do you have a Blackberry Data Plan? You can't use MMS functions on AT&T without a BDP.
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    Re: mms pictures

    ~via BB (

    Troy ubfortunately with AT&T you need a data plan to use the MMS option since its controlled with service books.

    So my question is so you have a BB data plan?

    If you do have a data plan try re-sending you service books.

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    Re: mms pictures

    However, with at&t an MMS message also counts as a text message, so you need data and messaging so you're not charged 20 cents a message. Thats what at&t told me. I went with unlimited BB data and unlimited messaging

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    Re: mms pictures

    Also, if you do have a data plan, make sure you have provisioning set up. This would be at the top of your service books. You should see the mms service books down below once you resend them.
    As said above, if you don't have the ATT data plan you can't send mms. It is included in the data plan. I believe you can get a plan with limited mms added but not sure of the rates.
    Try this for their plans:
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