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Hi, I have a pearl and I have my yahoo account set up on it..... ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Missing yahoo e-mails



    I have a pearl and I have my yahoo account set up on it..... latetly i've been noticing that some of my e-mails have been deleting from my yahoo account.... they are still on my BB and are not in the trash in my yahoo account....

    is this a BB issue? or a yahoo issue?

    I even tried to forward of reply to an email from my BB...( one of the deleted ones) and I get the message "Mailbox couldnt find original message, if forwarding or replying please resend the message"

    Once I resend it... it will go fine....

    does anyone know what's going on?

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    Re: Missing yahoo e-mails

    sounds like a yahoo issue to me. considering you get two choices (mailbox and handheld) or (handheld)

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    Re: Missing yahoo e-mails

    damn, same here. i only have mail now going back two days, and i'm set to retain for 30 days. something funky goin' on...

    oh wait, after re-reading the op, my issue might be slightly different. my sbcglobal (yahoo) account is fine via the web or outlook, but on my bb (8100, t-mo), everything is gone prior to may 4th. if i alt-3, i can see 'incoming' back to april 30th, which is about right. but, those incoming should show in my messages as well, as they are all received e-mails.

    i guess my issue is totally different, so never mind...

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