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I have it in there, but for some reason when i push to lock it ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    MicroSD problems


    I have it in there, but for some reason when i push to lock it doesn't lock all the way, so i kinda have it to where the locking mechanism is as far as it can go without coming lose.

    I thought that'd be able to work but apparently my pearl does not recognize my memory card. Is this a common problem? Can it be fixed? Or should i just turn it back to tmo?

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    Re: MicroSD problems

    Havent heard of this problem very much, though it is kind of hard to put the SD card in.

    I would be very careful and try it a few more times, if it isnt working take it to your local T-mo store or kiosk and see if they can get it to work.

    Then if they cant they can replace the faulty unit for you while you are there

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    Re: MicroSD problems

    ~via BB (

    Are you sure that you put the card inside of the door and not just under it.

    There are two little pieces of metal sticking out on either side that are used for you to slide the card in between them and the back of the door.

    I know that I couldn't get my card in right at first and had to refer to the welcome guide that came with the phone.

    Let us know how you fare with your problem, good luck.

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