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I jut got a replacement bb pearl 8100 today. I took my microSD media card ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Micro SD media card trouble!


    I jut got a replacement bb pearl 8100 today. I took my microSD media card out of my old bb 8100 and put it into the replacement phone, and nothings happening. I went into the media card selection in advanced options and it says the media card cannot be read, please verify that it is formatted. I tried to format it and it says "media card format failed". If possible I would like to keep the pictures I already have on the media card, but if not I would just like the media card to work! So pleaseee help =]

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    Find out if your media card manufacturer has recovery software for your card. You might be able to recover info. (google-search) Did you do a battery-pull before trying to access card?

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    Here is what I would do....

    1. Put the card back in your old 8100 (assuming it works in that device)
    2. Enable Mass Storage
    3. Connect to your PC. The sd card should show up as a removable drive
    4. Copy/backup all of your media to your desktop.

    With that out of the way you can try to format the card from the PC, then try again from the device. If any or all of these continue to fail the problem may be with the card.
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    ~via BB ( may be the actual metal pieces that read the card. The same exact problem happened with a buddy of mine. One of those metal pieces was broke.

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