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Please tell me I didn't just brick my son's phone. I was in the middle ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Messed up attempting to upgrade to OS 4.5


    Please tell me I didn't just brick my son's phone.

    I was in the middle of upgrading, it had erased everything and reached the stage where it was installing the new software. All of a sudden my computer literally went completely wacko on me. It started opening window, after window after window. I couldn't get it to stop and it finally just completely locked up. I had no choice but to manually shut it down and restart.

    Now, when I connect the phone to my laptop, it does not recognize that anything is connected. The pearl's screen is stuck on a page that says "Blackberry Platform and then has a list of all the apps. If you try to click any of them you either get an error loading it or an uncaught exception. I tried a battery pull and still get the same thing.

    Any suggestions, please!

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    I would definatly wipe it with JL CMMNDR and the re install the OS

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    Yeah.. That sounds about right. However , I'm not sure if I would do it on that funky pc. Perhaps it would be best to take it over your service provider for them to install it again and have it all set up. ~via BB (

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