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Ok so i bought a brand new curve off ebay and i got it this ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Messaging problem??? HELP??


    Ok so i bought a brand new curve off ebay and i got it this saturday. I was txting normally for the past few days but just now i hit about 190 undreaded msgs and about 600+ msgs but after that i kept on getting msgs but they didnt apear?!!! I'm runing on OS for 8130. Anybody knows whats the problem? Oh and i also got 26100111 bytes of free space.... i had a pearl before and i was runing around 18mbs of free space but i had over 30000 saved msgs on it and it was fineee

    woops i posted this in the wrong section >.< my bad lol
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    Have you tried memory cleaning?

    That may be the problem. I had an 8100, and it always did that even though it said that I had over 15mb of of free space.

    Also try deleting some programs. And go into your internet options cache options and clean everything.

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