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I would just delete whatever apps you want, you can always reload them with desktop ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I would just delete whatever apps you want, you can always reload them with desktop manager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tecrishon
    is there a way to find out how much memory they take and would clear up??
    There is a way, but it's not simple and it is tedious. It involves opening the Properties page for each Application, Recording the Modules then searching for each Module and viewing the properties for each module. Then you have to record and add up all the sizes for the modules. See it's tedious just to write.

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    Re: Messages and Phone Log erases

    I am having this same problem... still. Whats the most maddening is that I did not add any applications or anything to my 7105T and all of a sudden my filefree is a 0 and my phone calls and txt msgs are being erased almost as soon as they occur. Its practically instant, or they may hang out for about 10 minutes before the phone has an hour glass appear on it, and then everything is whiped out again.

    I erased my messages to see if that helped. - Nothing, same occurance, and still file free of 0.

    Ideas? Thx...

    I have clients calling me and I dont know what number to reach them back at.

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    Re: Messages and Phone Log erases

    I had the same issue happen to me with my pearl not too long ago. My phone log disappeared. When I checked my status, my free file memory was down to 1mb. When I spoke to a tech at T Mobile, the resolution was a hard reset - turn the phone off and take out the battery. Simply turning the phone off without removing the battery doesn't resolve the issue, since the bb is designed to run all the time. So when you power it on, it's like turning on a computer from hibernation or sleep mode.

    I haven't had the issue since, although I have seen a small amount of my memory 'leak' or disappear, nothing as drastic as before when my phone logs disappear. Now, I make it a habit to do a hard reset weekly.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Messages and Phone Log erases

    You also need to make sure you dont leave programs open and close them properly when done. I used to just ESC or END to get out but that still leaves the programs running but it looks like they close. Always use the menu and select close or use the programs close/exit option. I maxed out my memory a few times by having so many programs loaded that I thought I closed.

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    I'm having the exact same problem w/ a 8100 which I've had for just a week. It happened three times last week (the first week I had the phone). I later realized it was the same problem when I saw my file free at 0.

    Doing a hard reset on the phone (removing the battery) released about 7-8mb of space. I now monitor the device status and when it gets below 3mb do a reset.

    Cingular says they have no way to flash the OS at this time. I was told to return the phone.

    I think I may try this, but changing the PIN on several applications I use is a major pain.


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    Re: Messages and Phone Log erases

    I had this happen to me and after about the 3rd time I called my provider (Cingular) and they swapped the phone out. It's definately a leak problem. The new one just did the same thing. After a hard reset I have about 10mb. I upgraded my BB to - I'll see if that helps.

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