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I am having issue with a 8100 from ATT. When I press the MENU ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Menu Key / Trackball press shorted out?


    I am having issue with a 8100 from ATT. When I press the MENU does quick action of bringing the menu up and selecting the first option. Good example is when I am in the main list of icons....I hit menu button...and it selects icon move action right away.

    The trackball button seems to take me back instead of "selecting"

    To get the menu to show properly...I have to hold ALT and then hit the menu button.

    Any suggestions?
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    If you have your desktop manager set up then try backing up your phone and then totally clearing it and then put what you backed up back on. it really helps sometimes. or you can try a battery pull.
    if nothing works take it to an ATT store and have them look at it. If you have had it for under a year there should be a warranty on it and they should replace it..
    If not, and you kind of want a new phone anyway then i suggest getting the blackberry pearl 8120. especially if you like your 8100 they are very similar but i like my 8120 better it also has wifi which is very nice..
    hope this helps!
    good luck!!

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