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I have a 4G in mine and it works fine.... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I have a 4G in mine and it works fine.

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    OK I went searching to confirm or deny what the Sprint Blackberry rep told me yesterday -- essentially that the 8130 only supports up to a 2GB card? a larger card will work for awhile but will eventually "cause problems"....

    and that I had probably "ruined" my phone with a 4 GB (SanDisk) card....

    After reading threads/posts like the only here I ignored the manufacturers advise that the 8130 only supported a 2gb card and installed a 4gb card about 8 wks ago. All went very well for about 4 weeks or so....then about a month ago my phone started to lock up....only fix was a battery pull/reboot....the frequency of this lockup went from 1x/wk to 3x/wk to 3x/day

    Finally I called Sprint BB support and backed up and wiped my phone.

    It was during this call that the phone didn't even want to restart at all. It just locked up while booting.....the rep told me the likely culprit was the 4gb card, and that while large cards "work" eventually (after 2-8 weeks) they have seen larger cards "fry" the phone and that it will be junk.

    I was and remain in total disbelief.....but the phone is still locking up and there is no card in the phone at all?

    Any else seen this issue?

    How long have some of you been using "larger cards"?

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    I'd be more likely to believe that the bb or card had issues as I have run across many people using 4 and 8gb cards for more then a few weeks with no issue. Just makes you think, if the os publically states that it supports more then 2gb cards why would the rep be telling you otherwise. Is it possible this could be carrier specific? Makes no sense to me that he'd tell you it doesn't support something it's designed to.~via BB (

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    Using a 6GB Sandisk card with my Sprint 8130. Phone reps are dumb.

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