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    I just bought (1 week ago) my first BlackBerry. After using a Palm Treo for 2+ years and Palm Tungsten for roughly 4 years. I purchased an 8GB memory card from Verizon to go with my BB, but when I load most of the programs I have installed OTA I think they are going to the device memory instead. I only have about 800KB free on my 8130. With the Treo it was very simple to move files from the card to the device and vice versa, but I cannot figure out how to do it on my BB. It is extremely frustrating to me, and I'm tempted to return the phone and get another Treo instead. Also, the Treo had a program called Card Backup that allowed easy manual and automatic backups to the card. In the event of a crash the entire system could be restored with the tap of the screen. Can anyone help?

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    The Blackberry will always load applications on the device memory and the memory card is for storing pics, music, video, etc. However, there is a program that let's you install apps on the memory card.

    Or you can use some of the tips here to free up device memory.

    As far as backing up the memory card, you can just plug in the phone via USB and copy the contents of you memory card to a folder on your computer. The card is not included when you do a backup via Desktop Manager.

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