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Hi all; Just got a new telus pearl and i'm wondering where all my memory ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Memory allocation in 8130


    Hi all;
    Just got a new telus pearl and i'm wondering where all my memory has gone! It's suppose to have 64mb free and i've got around 15mb... seems like NOTHING compared to my old 8703. I had wayyyyy more programs on the 8703 than i've had on this one and it ran fine. Wondering why that is and how i can fix it... I do have a ton of external memory too.

    - Adam

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    Re: Memory allocation in 8130

    Well, I had an 8703e also and yes, it had more available memory. It also had no camera, video, mp3 player, camera flash function etc...

    Point is, the 8130 is way more BB than the 8703e and so it requires more memory usage. 64 MB memory ges eaten uo quick with the OS, alloted memory for pictures and video and any apps you install. You can search the forum and find a coulpe of posts on how to remove un-needed apps like PTT, preloaded video and images as well as all the foriegn language cod files that you don't want. This should help free a lot of memory. Several members have reported having up to 25 MB free after cleaning up the files.

    Hope this helps...

    PS: Read this to remove the unwanted apps
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