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So I was having the issue of my SMS/MMS/Call Log Dumping. And I went through ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Media Problem


    So I was having the issue of my SMS/MMS/Call Log Dumping. And I went through all the steps in the stickied thread at the top and it worked amazingly to free up some memory. So I go into my app loader via BB Desktop Manager and unload some games that I had on there, some uselss apps that I had, and some of the extra language support like I had read in several other places. But I must have inadvertantly clicked something else becuase now when I go into my media file, and try to open a picture, ringtone, music file etc, it tells me unable to load. Now I can still hear the ringtones through the tone chooser in the profile settings, but can't seem to find what I may have done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Edit: Upon doing a battery pull and restarting my phone I get the Error that Reads The Following:

    Uncaught exception:

    I'm sure that has something directly to do with my issue. Thanks again in advance

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    Re: Media Problem

    i had the same problem and i upgraded my OS and i could do everything fine after that...good luck!

    under the pearl section of pinstack there is a link to carriers by OS...try that

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