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    Media Manager Issues!! Please Help


    OK, I know the saying "If it ain't broke then don't fix it"; that being said I tried to fix it and it wasn't broke! I bought my T-Mobile 8120 yesterday and after a full charge and all the fun of setting up hot spot at home I inserted my micro sd card (SanDisk 1G). Life is great, the media manager is flawless. I had an afterthought and decided that it would make sense to reformat my card (the big mistake!!) and now when I add music either through my windows media player or roxio I have to go into the media manager on my handset then enter the menu and choose "explore" to access my music files on the handset.

    Anybody know what I am doing wrong?
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    It sounds like you formated the card on your computer, not your BlackBerry. When you format the card on the BlackBerry, after the format the following directory structure is created:
    Media Player will only look in the \BlackBerry\music directory for files and folders. Just create that directory structure and move your files into the appropriate directories.

    That said, you can put music in other folders and use a "relative" playlist saved in the BlackBerry\music directory to point to those files. Check my post here for more info.

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