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I have my pearl for a while now, But i was just looking in my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    MDS Runtime?


    I have my pearl for a while now, But i was just looking in my apploader and noticed the Blackberry MDS Runtime app with is like 758kb. What it is?

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    Re: MDS Runtime?

    I was double guessing myself when I was thinking it was for the BES, but i was right... here's a link that I googled...

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    Re: MDS Runtime?

    Can this or should this be deleted if we are not on BES?

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    From the link above, it shows that it helps the BES connection run more efficiently with the Corporate Server.

    I've had it unchecked for the last couple of weeks and was planning on looking it up on the forum to see what it was for because I didn't notice anything different.

    I put it back on this morning and I notice that after the reset, it showed Enterprise Activation along with the verification of security, etc. Since I'm on BIS, I just took it back off and the Enterprise Activation note is gone during start up.

    I'm not a BB expert, so I don't know if it helps BIS function more efficiently, but I'm guessing it doesn't. So until I hear differently, I'll keep it off.
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