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very good article here (download pdf file): or technical advisories: How to Maximize ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Maximize Free Space & Battery Power


    very good article here (download pdf file):
    technical advisories:
    How to Maximize Free Space and Battery Power on BlackBerry Wireless Devices (PDF)

    1). i tried clearing the browser cache like they said, (deleted the current cache and the cookies) but i wasn't sure what to do about the 'pushed content.' tried quick search on google only found some pretty technical stuff. too technical for me... can anyone tell me what is pushed content in the browser? are these files i want to keep? i got the idea they might be files i need so that browser will work at sites i visit on www, but i don't know

    2). is there a running list of 3rd party apps sizes somewhere. the sizes dont seem to be listed on any of the sites i've seen. i know that eOffice pro needs around 1.5 MB. i would be very interested in knowing the sizes (space requirements) of other apps too so i can get an idea of what i can install. what kind of apps are the largest and how big are they etc.

    3). article suggests keeping a minimum of 500KB free. is 500KB about the same as 1/2 MB? that seems way way way too small? esp if having memory problems?

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    Re: Maximize Free Space & Battery Power

    i think there is a thread.. where you can actually free few mb.... i followed that thread and i have 38~42 mb free

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    Re: Maximize Free Space & Battery Power

    zta, pushed content usually is in the form of weather updates or news updates. You can go into your Browser, open the bookmarks and open the "browser channels" tab, that will list some of your pushed content. You can delete them there if you like.

    I'm not really sure there is a running list of the app sizes. However, before you download an app OTA, it tells you the size and then prompts you for download.

    IMO, 500 kb seems awfully low to me as well!

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