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Hey guys I am using a Mac (OSX - Leopard). I would like to be ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Hey guys
    I am using a Mac (OSX - Leopard).
    I would like to be able to sync my blackberry with my contacts and iCal on my Mac ... right now about 10 of my contacts will not sync at all. This is so frustrating. Anyone have any ideas of what i can do??
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    I use Missing Sync for Blackberry on my iMac since all my contacts are in address book and ive never had a problem with 4.6 devices to get it to perfectly sync.
    I used to have the mentioned issue on my Curve but both Bold and Flip synced perfectly.
    Try reinstalling MSFB.

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    Maybe not your issue but I had crashing and not syncing problems with MS when I had photo contacts in my BB. This includes a photo in your Mac ME card, which due to some Apple glitch, cannot be removed once you add one. The solution is to just delete yourself (your ME card), and any photos in your contacts. The only downside I have found is you can't email yourself alarm notifications without a ME card.
    If you have photos in your contacts you might check this out. Once I deleted them it syncs fine every time with my Curve and now with the Flip too.

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