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Do I have to have the internet plan to use all of those programs? I'd ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Do I have to have the internet plan to use all of those programs? I'd love to have GPS, but I don't want to pay and extra 30 bucks a month.

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    If I understand you correctly you DO have to have a data plan to use maps, GPS, etc. If you have a wi-fi phone you will be able to browse the internet to some degree.

    Please update your profile when you get a chance with the basics like carrier, device, location, etc so that we can answer your questions better. Also please review the this information and this as well. It will help you with your questions and to get acquainted with the forum rules.
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    All blackberry's download maps using data over the air, therefore you need a data plan to use the service reliably. Without an official data plan, you would pay a very high fee per KB of data you use. Now if you rarely use the GPS, you might be better off without an actual data plan, and just use it briefly when you really need it. Find out how much your carrier charges for data usage, so you can determine which is more affordable. You should assume any gps mapping program is going to use at least a few megs worth of data for a short time.

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