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I just updated to the tmo .07 OS and it changed my main menu from ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Main Menu In .07


    I just updated to the tmo .07 OS and it changed my main menu from a list display to the icon display, is there anyway to get the list back? I do not like all the icons..

    please, its driving me crazy...


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    Re: Main Menu In .07

    did you go to your options>themes and change it?
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    Re: Main Menu In .07

    Unfortunately LinkinX you can't get it back with some hacking of some files. It's not recommended either.

    You'll have to get use to it, or maybe switch themes. At first when they changed the TMO Zen theme I didn't like it either. It grew on me and I like it alot now. It allows many more apps on the screen at once.

    You also can unlock the vendor themes maybe? See if you like the other vendors themes.

    If you need anything else just let us know.

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    Re: Main Menu In .07

    i immediately loved the new menu much more useful and spaceous...and it loads tons faster than the windows start menu way it used to open and you don't have to scroll down your list for days to get to all your apps...was a big hit here in LB

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