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Ok so tomorrow will be my 3rd phone in 4 months. I use my phone ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Lots of trackball problems


    Ok so tomorrow will be my 3rd phone in 4 months. I use my phone a lot for work, and my trackball obviously just as much. This will be the 3rd time my trackball just does not go up and down. It can, on occasion go down, but I physically cant move it up. Its like the little rollers are getting caught on something. Has anyone else had this problem? I think the trackball is definitely the weak point of the phone, and it is seriously pushing me away from keeping the 8130. Any feedback? Thanks,. KM

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    The trackball is very bad on my 8130. I am often embarrased when I am scrolling and showing something to someone else. The scroll is always hit and miss.

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    Maybe you guys just got--and keep getting in the case of KMAC14--bad phones. Or maybe I just got lucky. But I've had my 8130 for 10 months and haven't had any problems. I recently did replace the trackball but that was because it turned almost black from dirt and oil and stuff and I wanted a new shiny white one. Cost was about $13 including S&H and it took less than a minute to install.

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    this is common specially if you do a lot of pocket carry, Lint likes to collect in the trackball assembly. it just needs to be cleaned here is a link to an excellent diy on how to clean your trackball and assembly...
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    If you carry in your pocket or toss it in a purse use the pouch that came with it to protect the trackball from lint and debris. Clean it regularly with a qtip and a tiny bit of rubbing alchohol, not wet, just damp, turn off the BB first then clean the trackball, roll it around good and clean the whole thing. Also if something seems to be stuck, try blasting it with canned air like they use for computer keyboards. Just be sure to keep the can upright so none of the liquid propellant gets into your BB. If that doesn't work, then you can follow the link above for taking the whole assembly apart and cleaning it, but I recommend ordering a replacement first just in case you lose one of the very tiny parts.

    If none of the cleaning tips work, then replace the trackball. To me it's much easier to replace the trackball than the phone.

    BB trackballs are very easy to replace like mentioned above, I have purchased several from they are about $13 with shipping and work perfectly, only negative is they ship from Hong Kong so it usually takes about 2 weeks from the day you place your order for them to arrive in your mailbox. has been recommended as well, I just ordered one from them to try out. They are in the US and are $12.99 including shipping. This will be faster than ordering from Asia so I'm going to see how the quality and feel is compared to my previous replacements.

    I like to replace mine when they start to get dirty looking. Since my job is messy and dusty and my hands are always full of glues and dyes, I replace mine every couple months.
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