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I have either lost or had my pearl stolen a couple of days ago. I ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Lost or Stolen?


    I have either lost or had my pearl stolen a couple of days ago. I have been looking everywhere for a way to use the GPS to track the location of the phone. However all these programs require that you have them applied to your bb before it is lost. Mine is already lost and I need to find it, is there any possible way to do that?

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    I'm not sure, call it see if you can hear it. I'm sure you've tried that already. I wouldn't go much longer without reporting it lost to your provider. If in fact it was stolen, someone could be racking up some charges on your bill. But it would suck to report it stolen then find it the next day. That's how it would all work out for me.

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    that would be bad, think of all the red tape you would have to go through trying to re-validate your phone and IMEI #

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