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i posted this under the guide, but i decided it might get more attention as ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    losing network signal


    i posted this under the guide, but i decided it might get more attention as a new thread, as a new member of pinstack (which when browsing the forums, the pearl has brought many new members, including me) i was wondering if anyone else was having problems with signal on their pearl? its not as much the signal as what i have to do to get the signal back when i got to an area that has signal...instead of the 8100 automatically picking tmo service back up, i have to TELL it (go down, turn wireless off, turn it back on multiple times) to find it, it eventually does...but i shouldnt have to do that...any clues on what i can/should do? change to the 8700? Rogers OS? wait for patch?

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    ~via BB ('s a sad fact that in some areas you just don't get a good signal on the Pearl. I will be without signal for 10 mins or so, & hubby's Nokia is just fine. It's probably something to do with all the data transmissions a bb receives. That's what I've figured anyway. Move around inside/outside your house. You'll find a spot where your coverage is best. Mine is in my kitchen and garage. I have T-Mobile. Btw, do you have your data setting on manual or automatic? It should just snap back into coverage if it's on automatic. Go to options, network, and you can change between manual or automatic there.

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    there is an option to change signal strength from "strong" to "strongest", but just goto network prefs and select manual so it just does tmobile... might be another idea. i never have problems with mine and im only in 1 - 2 bar service areas.
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