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Ok so i have almost had my Pearl a year and i am finally going ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Long Email Questions!!!


    Ok so i have almost had my Pearl a year and i am finally going to start using it for email. I normally send txt but i am going to try and start using email more, i figure if my phone can do it why not use it.
    I started by getting G-Mail, because i couldn't sync with hotmail. and that makes me so mad!! I have had my hotmail address for years. Changing email address is a joke too. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy's .
    I tried to find a Email guide on the Forum but nothing really answered my questions so i am hoping that you my fellow Stacker's can help me out!!

    1. When i set it up on my Berry, it made a inbox serrate from that of my SMS/MMS. I have to be honest and say that i didn't like that at all. When i sent my first Email it showed it being send in the inbox-outbox for SMS/MMS. I really liked that so i just hide the other inbox so that i didn't have to see it. Is that going to cause a problem or do i need that other inbox? Could someone explain why it did that too?

    2. When i sent the first email. It sent it to the receiver, and back to me at the same time. So i got a copy of the email that i had just sent. Why does it do that and is there anyway that i can change that. I don't want to see a copy of what i just sent. If i wanted to do that i would just scroll down to that message and read it again. How can i change or turn that off?

    3. It sent me a delivery confirmation too. I didn't care for that either! For what i am doing i don't need that. How can i turn that off?

    4. How do i turn off email permanently. Say i don't like or i don't use it as much as i thought that i would. Or i just get tons of spam and emails that i don't need and it starts to slow my phone down. I just want to know how i would go about shutting it down?

    I am so lost when it comes to email on the Pearl, so set by set instructions or lamen terms for me so that i can understand what is really going on. And if you are feeling generous so tips on what to do about switching email accounts.
    You guys are really great and i look forward to checking this tomorrow at works so that i can get started on Blackberry Email.

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    1. It could depend on the Theme you use. Check how the boxes (Messages - SMS/MMS) are set via Menu - Messages - Menu - Option - General Option - SMS and Email Inboxes if they are Theme Controlled, Combined or Seperate

    2. IMHO it's a GMail Thing. Enter youre BIS-Account and set up a filter that Mails from your GMail-Accout are not send again to youre BB

    3. Menu - Messages - Menu - Option - Email Settings. There you can switch the Confirmation/the reeipts to no.

    4. Menu - Options - Mobile Networks - Data Services

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    While the info Peterthill offered is basic and correct, let me see if I can offer further insight into you questions.

    1. This could be 2 things: Email always creates a separate inbox for each account because if you have numerous accounts set up this is an easy way to get to specific emails quickly if you save them on your phone. What I believe you are trying to say is that you get a copy of your email in your messages folder and again in the actual email account folder. This is how the BB is designed to work, it shows the email in both places. If you delete it in one, it gets deleted in both. If you are just going to use your messaging folder, you can hide the other inbox. What the other response was saying is that you can actually separate things further and have an inbox just for SMS/MMS (Text and pictures messages) and use messaging for email and then also have the other inbox for the email. This can be very redundant especially if you don't do alot of email.

    2. He is correct, this is a gmail feature. This happens because of how gmail does the conversations on the webmail - It actually sends a copy of the email back to itself. You don't see it directly when on the web, but this happens on the BB since it pulls everything. There are 2 ways to fix it: A) set up filters to stop any emails that come from your own address from being delivered to the device. This can be a issue, especially if you ever want to send yourself something as a reminder or what not. The other option is to turn your POP in gmail off and use IMAP. This will correct it, but will also stop your gmail from coming to the phone real time.

    3. He is correct, that's the quickest way to do it.

    4. While turning off data services will stop email from coming in, it will also stop you from accessing ANY other data services on your phone. If you were thinking about turning it off due to spam...Well, if your using gmail, I personally find it hard to believe unless you put your email account out everywhere they have awesome spam filters. Realistically though, best way to do it is just delete the email account from your T-Mobile's website. This will stop email from coming in. The other thing you can do is use the filters again. Set up filters so that only specific email comes through or so other specific stuff doesn't go through.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions

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