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A few days ago the keys on my phone stopped responding, except for the trackball ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question Keys do not work, trackball still scrolls, on button responds when off


    A few days ago the keys on my phone stopped responding, except for the trackball (but was unable to select items). I was able to recieve calls but could not answer them becuase none of the buttons worked. I tried to wipe and and reinstall the os, was unsuccessful at first. I recieved a white screen with a 507 error. I was eventually able to reload the os.

    The phone would respond to the on key when off and would boot up. The home page would load as well as the initial set up wizard for the phone. I was able to scroll through the options but could not "click them with them with the trackball. Once again, I can move through options with the trackball but no other keys work.

    Any suggestions on possible fixes?

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    I have the same exact problem and I've read about a dozen posts on different forums from people who also have the problem, and I haven't found any solution to this other than get a new phone.

    Here's what happened to me....

    June 19 - Buy BB Curve

    July 15 - Drop my phone on a piece of metal and one button gets smashed in. I go to verizon and they give me a new one free. I restore my BB using Desktop Manager Backup/Restore function

    July 16 - None of my buttons work, trackball moves but doesnt click. Go back to Verizon and explain. They give me ANOTHER new phone. Restore with backup/restore again.

    July 17 - None of my buttons work again. At this point I'm thinking it's my backup file thats somehow corrupted. Instead of going back to Verizon I try to fix it myself. after i got home from work about 6 hours later wiped my BB with JL_CMDR, and reloaded OS 4.3 from Verizon's webpage. After this my blackberry slowly started to come back to life after about an hour. What I mean by that is that at first only a few of the buttons worked and slowly more started working until they all did. Additionally, for a little while some of the buttons did the wrong thing. For instance i'd press 3 and lXn would come up and then i'd press 9 and d#* would come up, really weird stuff like that. Then it just all started working again.

    Aug 20 - Same problem AGAAAAAIN! Wipe BB, Reload OS AGAAAAIIN! This time it didn't work. been a few hours and none of my functionality is restored.

    Had these things installed
    Opera Mini
    vz nav
    mobile im
    think thats it, also a 4gig SD card about 25% full of mp3s

    no idea how to solve this..... =*( someone help me pleeeaasssse

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    This same problem happen to me this week. I really do not have the money to just up and buy a new BB.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? It seems to be somewhat a popular problem.

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    How old is the phone? If it is less than a few months, I would go back to the carriers store where you bought it and raise hell. If that doesn't work then my next suggestion is to file a claim with the replacement insurance that I hope you got when you bought the phone.
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