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Hi everyone I bought this 8100 on ebay It is a t-mobile and it is ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    JVM Error 547


    Hi everyone

    I bought this 8100 on ebay It is a t-mobile and it is unlocked, my provider is At&t , I did a google search and i din't really find that much help on it ( the people who had this problem gave up) so i dont know if wiping the os and installing a new one will do the trick, even if this did work, I cant get the T-mobile OS because I have at&t . And also by doing this would I still have the phone unlocked? Please help me.

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    Re: JVM Error 547

    You can get the new OS from this thread.
    There are links.

    You can try this thread to get it working again

    If you need instructions on upgrading go here
    or here
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    Re: JVM Error 547

    Welcome VicenzoHX! glad you found Pinstack! (this website should be given to every BB customer, new or old, imho)

    you can put any carriers OS on your phone regardless what carrier you're with. now, your carrier may not support your phone issues if they findout you're not running their current OS. that's a risk we all take when installing a different OS.

    no it will not affect/effect the phone being unlocked. unlocked, as you know, just means that phone can be used on any network.

    you can look at my signature at "error codes" and see if that helps, or you can search "jvm error 547" or try this link
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