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Hi, I have read the other posts on the JVM Error 513. My daughter forgot ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Post JVM Error 513 on T-Mobile Pearl



    I have read the other posts on the JVM Error 513. My daughter forgot the password for her T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl, tried to guess at it several times, and she was wrong, so now she's locked out with the 513 error.

    I have (1) downloaded the Desktop Software, T-Mobile's Device Software and the JL Commander thing. I ran the desktop software, but I didn't see the OS listed on the Add software screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, still no joy. Then I got the JL Commander thing, tried to wipe the device and reset to factory settings (with battery in). Now, the battery is in, and the device is connected to the PC, now detected. On the screen, there are icons...a smartphone looking one on the left with arrows in the middle and a PC looking icon on the right. Is it resetting itself now? If so, should I leave it for awhile? How long?

    Or, should I give up, and return the phone? We've only had it for two weeks. (

    Your responses are appreciated!


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    This is difficult to answer, when it shows what you are describing, it means it's connected to the desktop manager, now if you tell it to run the application loader, and you have the handset's software installed, it'll install the software to the device.

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