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The device comes preloaded with a Wi-fi browser. You DO NOT NEED A DATA PLAN ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    The device comes preloaded with a Wi-fi browser. You DO NOT NEED A DATA PLAN to access internet over Wi-fi whatsoever. Just go into OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS > BROWSER, and make sure you're default browser is set to "Hotspot Browser".

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    The ups tracking reference number is not working for me. I ordered my 8120 on Saturday the 26th of April. I go to ups and put my cell number in like this: xxx-xxx-xxxx and when I press enter the page reloads with this message at the top: UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Verify your information and try again.

    I don't get it. I entered the correct number, and I ordered it last Saturday. It should be in the system by now. I have a order number form T-mobile.
    Should I be worried?

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    Saturday the 26th was only 2 days ago and on a weekend with probably nothing being done on Sunday, so I would not be worried yet that it's not showing up in the UPS system.... Did you order it with overnight shipping? If not, I'm sure it's being processed and will show up in the system this afternoon or tomorrow as already enroute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxmatts View Post
    Are you sure that you clicked on tracking reference? It should work with your cell number or your home number. That is how I looked mine up and that is what TMO told me to do. I would try to put March 1, 2008 to April 28, 2008, just to be covered. It should show the order even if it has not shipped yet. It would say billing information received. From my experience, they have always used 3 day select even though they told me it was ground. Not counting weekends.
    I did all that, but still nothing shows. Can you can put up a link for UPS. Maybe I'm on the wrong page, even though it says track by reference. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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