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Hi I just got my Blackberry Pearl 8130 and I was wondering if people could ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Just got my pearl


    Hi I just got my Blackberry Pearl 8130 and I was wondering if people could tell me which apps I can/should safely download to increase my memory of the phone.

    I'm already planning on deleting the facebook, russian, and semitic characters apps

    Is there anything else or a link someone can give me (something along the lines of 10 things you should do after getting a blackberry)

    I understand that what I should delete is solely based on what I mostly use so heres an idea of what I will be doing
    Email, Texting, GPS (googlemaps for now don't feel like paying anymore than I have to), Browsing, etc.

    I am also running MacOSX Leopard if that makes any difference

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    Welcome to the Stacks! There are a LOT of great people here who can help you out...just may have to be a little patient ;-)

    I'm not too familiar with "what to delete", but I am aware that the overall memory of the phone can not be increased, unless you have an SD Card. Then you can place your pix, ringers, songs, etc on there.
    There IS a program that loads applications from your memory card, however, there seems to be some hang-ups on the smoothness of the program.
    Check this thread:

    As for the memory, there are some "programs" (ie. medical terms, russian language) that you may not need...but check out this thread:

    Be sure to "back up" your Pearl before you start deleting anything--just to be safe. Try not to get trigger happy either, never know when you may need to learn russian ;-)

    Best of Luck!!!
    Best of Luck!


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