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Hi I'm new to the site! I just bought Jabra C220 from Cingular for my ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Jabra C220 Problem


    Hi I'm new to the site!

    I just bought Jabra C220 from Cingular for my Pearl 8100 but It has a few problems that i was wondering about. First of all, when i press the answer button on the blackberry headset, it turns on the voice dialing, the Jabra doesn't do this. The music sounds great and it automatically pauses when I get a call, but when I hit the answer button it doesn't answer. When I hold the answer button, theres a buzzing in the left earbud and the call never gets picked up. When the music resumes, only the right ear works. Am I doing something wrong? or did I get a bad set?



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    Re: Jabra C220 Problem

    I have the same headset and mine does a similar thing (with the 1 ear thing). if you hold it down again it will resume in both ears. when I press the button once though, it answers and then once more hangs up (if a call is incoming). if I just press it without anyone being there, it cuts off in 1 ear.

    I've only received a couple of calls while I am on it since I really only use it for music when I'm on the bus/subway to work in the morning. I'll try to test it a lil tonight and get back to you.

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