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I have had my Pearl for over a year now, and continue to struggle with ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Is the Blackberry right for me?


    I have had my Pearl for over a year now, and continue to struggle with it. We origianlly purchase re-furb units from Cingular because we like the looks of the phones. We had no real need for the Blackberry functions, and were told by Cingular that the units would be able to access the internet via medianet for a small fee. Well that was not true!! We quickly learned that the units had to be tied to a Blackberry package. About 6 months ago I determined that the Blackberry functions would be of a benefit to me especially the email portion. So we signed up only to find that yes we could recieve email on the unit, but without BES we could not reconcile what was on the phone. I learned then that my incoming email still came in to my outlook express, but I would have to forward all of my outgoing to myself to get a record on my home computer. Then I learned that I could not open attachments in the emails with 4.2 os. So, I upgraded to 4.5 (which is not supported by att). This shows that I have the oportunity to open the attachment, but of course when I try in now says that the attachment type is not supported. I guess I need more software. Oh yeah, and my home computer will not load any desktop manager above 4.2. It shows the regestry errors. The fix requires a window program that is not supported by XP home, only proffesional. ARGGGGGHHH

    This is the skinny - I have a small in home business. I have a basic home computer with windows xp home. I have a blackberry pearl 8100 through att. I do not wish to pay the 3k for BES. I am on BIS. All I want to do is to be able to send and recieve email that I can reconcile with my home computer (I need to have copies of my correspondance). I need to be able to open .xls and .pdf attachments. This is it. Maybe I need an Iphone, or some other pda type phone. Maybe the blackberry is not right for me. Maybe I am just doing things incorrectly!! Any help, or advice, would be appreciated.


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    I haven't had any of those problems with my 8130 but I also have alltel as a carrier I know I'm not much help but it should be an ok device for what your wanting to use it for~via BB (

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    1st of all you need more than a home computer to host BES. You need Exchange or another mail application, Outlook will not work. For what you are doing, BIS should work good. The initial cost of BES is more than that and the monthly cost are more too. The carrier usually charges more for a device that is connected to BES than BIS. Make sure that you have Docs to Go installed and updated and you should not have any problems viewing files on your device with the exception of PDF's. There is not a good viewer for then yet in my opinion.

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