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    Is the 8220 Trackball the Same as Older Pearls?


    I manage 30 users of Pearls and Curves and a bunch of my users are itching to get their hands on the new Pearls and Bolds...

    My concern is that when the original Pearls and Curve's were rolled out, we had lots of problems with trackballs sticking and falling out. Luckily, since I found, that hasn't been a problem. In all the pics I've seen, it looks like the trackballs won't come out as easiliy in these new models... Does anyone whose had some hands-on experience have an opinion...
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    oh no
    In my opinion I have the origanal pearl and the curve2 in th pearl it fell out and in the curve no problen at all~via BB (

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    I just hope the flip Pearl will have the color LED lights underneath, so we can put some sort of color pearl app on them!

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    it feels the same
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    sticky balls... use an alcohol prep pad and rub em down every few weeks or so. Has kept me from having sticky balls on mine for over a year!

    Looks to be a bit more recessed than the pearl or bold, like you will ahve to come in at a higher angle with your thumb to scroll. Looks like it may take some getting used to but not that bad to pick up a larger screen and keypad

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