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to delete the setup wizard .cod file without messing anything up? My BB is cleaned ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Is It Safe.....


    to delete the setup wizard .cod file without messing anything up?

    My BB is cleaned up pretty well I have over 9+ 3rd party apps, 1 3rd party theme, and 8 Pictures (about 65KBs each) and still have 28MBs free with a restart. With heavy use at the end of the day Im at about 20-22Mb's free.

    I would like some extra space if possible by deleting the setup wizard if possible. I just dont want to experiment and mess things up. So has anyone done this?

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    Re: Is It Safe.....

    I'm not sure about that one, but don't see what would depend on it being there. Does that file really take up that much more space? and 28mb wow that's impressive

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    Re: Is It Safe.....

    Yeah I honestly cant see what programs could depend on that one. But I thought the same thing about a theme.cod file and it messed up my whole Pearls OS. So you could never be sure and I would hate to do a complete wipe and have to reload an OS. So I thought I would be sure.

    Not sure how much space it takes up but every little bit of free space is nice in my books. Think about it, you delete that application means you can add a 3rd party app thats useful instead of one just there and no use.

    Yeah I had to do a little bit of tweaking here and there to get that 28Mbs. I love the fact that I have so many useful apps and still plenty of space to play around with. As I say you cant have too much free memory.

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    Re: Is It Safe.....

    How can I find out how much free space I have?

    I have a couple of apps I don't even use I just keep them, passwored keeper, voice dialing, search, and a few others. If I remove those mentioned will I experience sum technical difficulties?

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    Re: Is It Safe.....

    You can go to Options -> Status OR just Press and hold alt and type in EACE and help me window should pop out and than at the bottom it should say how much memory you have and how much free there is.

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