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    Int'l roaming


    [FONT=Times New Roman]Facts: I have a T-mobile branded unlocked Pearl using AT&T service. In the past, when I have roamed in Europe with T-mobile, my phone has sought out and used the best signal in my location for voice and/or data even when it was not T-mobile or their partner in a particular country. Will my experience with AT&T be the same or do they lock their phones to only use their network partner. Does is matter that my phone is T-mobile branded and therefore had their data loaded at inception? I still have .64, never upgraded. Thanks![/FONT]

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    Re: Int'l roaming

    it should work the same. once u are roaming you have the option to chose any network u prefer( i think)

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    I've heard this before from my colleagues based in Dallas, TX (I'm bsaed in UK), when they come over to Europe and want to use their T-Mobile Pearls - they went through all manner of not being able to access voicemails & emails, having to see if they could access EDGE & GPRS, search for alternative providers where an automatic switchover to the in-country T-Mobile partner/carrier would not happen...

    My ony suggestion would be to call your plan provider and get them to set-up international roaming properly on your account profile - and you might want to specify which countries you'll be visiting and listen to what they have to say about coverage/hand-over/pick-up in those countries, as they'll be best placed to inform you of any known issues in any given country.

    It's slightly different here - we just tell our providers which territories in which we're going to be working so that we get automatic coverage/handover - but if it's not been agreed prior to travel and set-up, then you can face difficulties in-country.

    Hope that helps and good luck.
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    Re: Int'l roaming

    ~via BB ( have an att branded pearl running on att. When I go to Europe, my phibe searches out the strongest signal for voice, not necessarily the best for data. I usually get full bars on signal, but sometimes edge and sometimes gprs, it depends entirely on the provider at the time. When I am in Italy I usually roam on Tim, vodaphone or wind depending on the city. What was mentioned earlier is also correct, you will want to add world traveller @ 5.99/mo to your account, most phone calls made in Europe will be .99/min. Data is .019/KB (I think). The best is to add it before you go. I believe that the service is determined by the sim not the OS. I hope this helps.

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    Re: Int'l roaming

    I travel to Europe and Asia quite often. Since having t-mobile I have had no problems at all. The same cannot be said for my US based counterparts with att. As a matter of fact they commonly borrow my pearl for better service.

    ~via BB (

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