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Well I use to be able to get on there but could only do a ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Re: internet sites


    Well I use to be able to get on there but could only do a few things. The problem is this
    yspace updates their security policies all the time to keep from people hacking into myspace. so when they do these updates they usually give the patches to different carriers later.
    Also, some phones are designed specifically for myspace, such as the sidekic and most phones from helio. So they will give special patches for those devices to see it and not for others. That's why most engineers won't take tickets for those issues. opera mini will work, and sometimes your normal browser will work. it's all hit or miss

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    Re: internet sites

    It's something they recently changed on MySpace. Happens all the time. Sometimes it works, other times only certain things work. I've always at least been able to login. At least up till about a week ago.

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    Re: internet sites

    When i first got my blackberry like 3 weeks ago.. I could get on myspace everytime I tried.. it was just the other day it wouldnt let me and now it is again.
    I dunno...

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