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So im new to the blackberry community and at first didnt think a data plan ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Internet question


    So im new to the blackberry community and at first didnt think a data plan would be necessary for what i had planned to use my phone for and really didnt know much about it and wanted to do some research. So if you would be so kind as to tell me why you do or dont like your data plan and run down some pros and cons i'd appreciate it. or point me in the direction that this has already been done. basically i want a sales pitch from someone that knows what they are talking about instead of the rep at the cingular store. oh my provider is cingular, i forgot to mention that, if it has anything to do with anything. AND im a texting whore, i'll admit it, so the data plan will have to include a hefty text bundle or will just be added ontop of my 3000 i have now, which i always come close to using up every month, bad i know.

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    Re: Internet question

    Basicaly without a data plan BlackBerrys cant do much. If u want to download games, appls. find maps, syncr with emails, visit websites, send/receive picture messages, u NEED adata plan for all that. I think with cingular its another $29.99 on top to get the data plan. With TMO its $19.99 If ever goin to use any of those things I've listed, u need the plan lol

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