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so its time for some "other" background screens for you pearlers. I have taken the ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Lightbulb ++++Interestingly ODD Coolness Factor (Screens for the Pearl)


    so its time for some "other" background screens for you pearlers.
    I have taken the liberty of resizing these perfectly for the pearl.
    Works best on the BB dimension Zen Theme (my fav)
    I have been known for the odd post here and there.
    i guess this will cement that in stone.
    oh and by the way if you find one of these nifty screens that you want to use,
    find this post with your pearl
    (if you have data plan) and download directly to the blackberry.
    save yourself the trouble of uploading back to the phone from computer.

    and without further ado:

    first up the automotive section

    (wink and a gun to peterbabiy for his excellent post)
    a beamer

    uh, yeah thats cement

    thats gonna hurt

    ultimate shaggin' wagon'

    more than meets the eye (shout out to cp6169)

    lifesize transformer (see the guy @ the bottom)

    Interestingly ODD Coolness Factor
    this is the internal view of a pearl (with x-ray specs through the screen)

    zipper eye

    bag that just happens to be brown (lol) and on fire

    hakuna matata (after the salon trip)

    techno skull


    and great "owned pics"

    ninja, ninja - rock

    markers kick @ss

    poor kid

    feel free to post your own. remember screen size is 240x260 pixels.
    if you want to post to this thread, lets keep in somewhat good taste.
    no nudity, vulgar, etc.
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    ask me

    Re: ++++Interestingly ODD Coolness Factor

    awesome pics THANX
    Been a long while since last login. Sorry all, adjusting to a new life is great and hell at the same time!!

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    Re: ++++Interestingly ODD Coolness Factor

    When I was a kid I use to love transformers lol

    j llama, nice pics

    PS Funny cop

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