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Howdy all, Just exchanged my Cingular 8700c (great device) for the Pearl (like the form-factor ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Intellisync thinks my 8100 isn't connected...


    Howdy all,

    Just exchanged my Cingular 8700c (great device) for the Pearl (like the form-factor better). Great device, however I've got a small problem. When I got home and installed the DM I was able to sync via USB just fine. Now, however, Intellisync tells me that my device is not connected.

    The DM screen says I'm connected. Application Loader works fine. Media Manager works fine, but Intellisync thinks the Pearl isn't connected.

    Actions taken so far:

    Uninstalled & reinstalled DM.

    Removed & replaced SIM.

    Called Cingular, got transferred to the tech folks, waited on hold for a while then an automated voice told me to escalate using some form on Cingular's web site that I can't find.

    Any ideas?


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    Have you tried a Cold Reboot (Battery Out, wait 15-30 sec, Battery Back in)? That helps sometimes. Did you change anything in the syncronization Configuration settings?

    Let us know how this goes.

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    ~via BB ( don't have a Pearl but everything I've read here previously points to you needing the DM that came with the Pearl. You need to uninstall you current DM (probably v4.1)and instal the v4.2 that came with your Pearl.

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