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Well todays events lead me to think that the cellular provider world is filled with ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    INSURANCE Priceless, ASURION Worthless.


    Well todays events lead me to think that the cellular provider world is filled with

    After a month of going back and forth between Tscrewble and crappberry to
    get them to fix my screarl, I made the mistake of calling ASSurion, my insurance
    company. Oh my God!

    Well after they told me many different things about my ins coverage from different reps, it boiled down to this.

    They informed me that my warrentee expired in Sept'07. Stangely the Shearl
    was bought from Tscroble in Dec'06 new. The first phone earspeaker died although it worked on speaker fine. That phone was replaced by Tsromil in
    June'07 with a new phone. Now what nobody told me was that the new one
    only came with a 90 day warantee. So I lost 2 months on the original phone.
    HA,HA,HA. 10 months total. So now the second is broken with the exact same problem as the first.

    So now while I thank Assurian for this info, they procede to tell me that I need to pay them 110 deductable to get a phone. Before today they told me that if I didnt
    damage it and it had a malfunction I wouldnt have to pay the $110. But today they told me that is only if I got it thru thru them, and within a year or six months.

    Being the curious devil that I am I asked them who gets 6mo and who gets a year.
    Its almost like a plea bargain. Are you ready for this! IF THEY HAPPEN TO HAVE A
    NEW PHONE IN THE WAREHOUSE AND BY CHANCE THEY SEND YOU THIS ONE YOU GET A 12 MONTH WARRENTEE, BUT IF THEY ONLY HAVE A REFERBISHED ONE AND THEY SEND YOU THAT ONE YOU GET A 6 MONTH WARRENTEE. Now the good news is that you can request a new phone BUTT they dont guarentee that they will send you a new one. Its whatever they have.

    Being done with the asses I called TBLOWBLE and told them the story and the girl laughed and told me she thought I should do a trade up and told me with a new
    2 year (starting now) she would give me $99 off retail on a whole bunch of phones.
    The cheapest BB was around $300. I think she wanted 350 for a curve.

    So what to do, the $110 is meaningless to me but the nonsense that Tscrewble
    Crapberry, and now ***-surian have put me thru is has really pissed me off.
    Well my X5 has bluetooth that works and now my ear will get one too. The 110
    will go to plantronics. Hopefully the phone lasts til 12/08.

    Now for my cup of flesh I plan to call TMO and or BB several times a week and just
    complain while Im driving instead of listening to the radio. 611. 611. 611 HA HA HA
    and I figure that between now and 12/08 when my contract is up I will have cost them $10 K in customer service costs. HA HA HA.

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    ~via BB ( its just you.

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    ~via BB ( I have never had anyone tell me anything like that about any of my BB's and I have TMobile.

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    Erica I have been 100% honest here. My advice to the forum is to forget the insurance and get a one year plan, yes pay $50 more.

    Now when I tell you that tmo told me that the original 8100 was warrenteed
    thru 12/07 (a year) while the new replacement was warrenteed till 9/07,
    I am being 100% truthful. TMO never again, verizon would have fixed this mess
    immediately, and I would have never had to call the morons at assurian.

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    Get an addendium to your homeowners or renters policy to cover phones, pda, mp3 and portable computer. Cost may vary by insurer, but cost me $22.00 per year.

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    it wouldn't hurt to write and request a public article be written at the consumerist. I think the website is

    The stories this site has are wild.
    ~via BB (

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    ^^ funny I was going to say the same thing...checkem out...

    ~via BB (

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