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Nothing stops an accident, but if you are careful, the accidents are few and far ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Nothing stops an accident, but if you are careful, the accidents are few and far in between.

    Are you telling me it is just dumb luck that i have not had an auto accident in the past 8 years, while my sister has been in 5 in the past 2, yet I drive probably 3x more distance than she does? Are you telling me that it is just dumb luck that I would not have needed the insurance once in the past 7 years for the various mobile phones i've had, even when 90% of the past 6 years i spent in various countries and all over the U.S. for work?

    If you want to be semi-careful, then get the insurance. But in the long run, even accounting for the few accidents that will likely occur, there's nothing cheaper than being a little more careful.

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    ~via BB ( ya'll but I go through on average 2 to 3 BB's yearly, I need my insurance. I have only paid $110. Once. The other times, I paid $70

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    Re: Insurance on PEARL? Is it worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by detroit
    Everyone knows insurance is for suckers. The rates they set are guaranteed HUGE profit makers for the company.
    ~via BB (
    most insurance is for suckers. tmo's insurance is for suckers, you end up paying the full price of the phone anyway the way they have it setup. safeware is much much more realistic, $35 a year to cover $350 and no deductible, no questions asked. that kind of insurance still makes them good money, but theyre not trying to rape their customers either.

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    Re: Insurance on PEARL? Is it worth it?

    Tmo was very clear in selling me the ins about the deductable.
    The cinguliar version is a mutation , dont buy it.

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    Re: Insurance on PEARL? Is it worth it?

    There is a reason there is insurance and its for accidents, loss, theft and the device just stops working out of warranty. These things can't be stopped and thats why there is insurance.

    To me a few dollars a month for same or next day replacement from a T-Mobile store is well worth it for the first year. Safeway you pay less so it seems like a deal but you have to send your phone away for them to try and repair it and wait weeks. Then its 30 days after that if they need to send you a replacement check. Then you need to order another Pearl from Tmobile. Sorry but I dont know anyone that can go a month or maybe two without their BB/pda and if you could then you dont really even need a BB or PDA anyways.

    You can be 100% careful as you want but there are always ACCIDENTS or someone steals something or it just malfunctions out of warranty.

    I have only had my Pearl roughly two months and already had two ACCIDENTS with it that could have happened to anyone. I put my Pearl in my top shirt pocket and when I used the bathroom I went to pull my pants up (sorry to get so detailed) and BLAP my Pearl fell and skidded a few feet across the floor.

    The second incident I was talking on the Pearl and one of my dogs, I have five, was jumping all over me and I waved my arm to shoo it away. ZING there goes my Pearl slipping from my hand bouncing across the living room. No real damage from either ACCIDENT but either could have caused major damage. I am just lucky I have carpet and/or throw rugs down.

    If someone doesnt want insurance or can wait "possibly" a month(s) to get it back go right ahead. I will pay what amounts to a Large whipped cream Starbucks Mocha Latte with a sprinkle of chocolate on top for my own peace of mind.

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