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Hello! Friday I saw an ad on the main page for a free instago client. ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    instago and battery life


    Friday I saw an ad on the main page for a free instago client. So I downloaded and installed it.
    I enjoy having both my msn and AOL buddy lists with one program and all that, however my battery life is shot. From 8 am to 10:45 am my battery went from 99% to 25%. The phone was idle for most of that, I only opened a few web pages (my normal usage with the pearl).
    Is this normal? I have the keep alive timer set to 60 seconds, and the option to help battery life while idle checked in the options menu. I disabled pictures in a hope that my battery life would be extended, but it didn't really seem to help.
    Can anyone offer advice as to settings I could try to maximize battery life?
    My free memory is 15767639 Bytes.
    Oh and another question, does running non default themes impact battery life? I'm using the iphone theme for the pearl I found on this site.
    Thanks for reading, I hope I was clear in my post

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    Ask me=)
    You should ask this question here...

    pfluger, seems to be a good contact for instango issues!!!
    As we all know.... What Goes Around, Comes Around

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    Whenever you are using an instant messaging application like instango you will see battery drain. It will be considerably more than without using such an app, as it has to keep a constant connection to its servers.

    At least one or two days with one battery charge should still be normal though.

    How many contacts do you have on your contact list?

    If you are using BIS to connect make sure you have set the keepalive timer to 45s. This seems to be the optimum setting. Anything higher will trigger frequent reconnects draining battery much quicker.

    If you are using Direct TCP/IP you may usually set the keepalive to as much as 5 min. This will optimize battery usage.
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