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Can I import my contact from a csv file, or do I have to put ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Import contacts from csv file?


    Can I import my contact from a csv file, or do I have
    to put them in Outlook first? I use a 3rd party email/contact
    program, but I don't like their BB application. So I have
    exported my contacts to an excel sheet. I do not have the
    CD for Outlook (the computer is requesting the translator)
    here at work.

    I would really like to just bypass Outlook and import from
    excel. Is that possible??

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    Re: Import contacts from csv file?

    yes, you can import from a csv file.
    connect your device, open the desktop manager, click on synchronize, and then the configuration tab. click on the "configure synch" button. for your address settings, choose ascii exporter/importer. you can select various options - import/export/synchronize. click ok, then hit the configure...advance settings button and map your fields appropriately (this will make sure that first name ends up in first name on the bb etc). click OK and you should be good to go! my husband doesn't use outlook so this is what he does.
    NOTE: I'd suggest backing up your device and your data file before you do this just in case!
    Let me know if that works for you.

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