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Originally Posted by jake.schires There are little kids lurking around my house trying to touch ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by jake.schires View Post
    There are little kids lurking around my house trying to touch my phone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Amigotek View Post
    You know, three little kids are probably not going to be stopped by the keygaurd alone, I know my two wouldn't be. If you are worried about the kids getting into the phone I would use a password instead of just the keygaurd.

    That is excellent advice Zo, I know a bunch of 3-4 year olds who will punch what ever keys show up on the screen. But the fact is you can protect against kids, but don't try to make it just a single or even a double key stroke, especially if it the required stroke are displayed for all to follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krosli View Post
    Jake, why don't you get a guard dog for the phone. That way, kids are not able to go near
    I never thought of that. That's a good idea. I was thinking barbed wire, but that may scratch my phone.

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