So recently ive been working on a project that ive actually been more successful than i had hoped... I posted a thread a couple days ago about text documents, i was curious if any kind of application (free app that is) was downloadable that could open a word document.. sadly i found nothing, but i did recieve a couple responses that pointed me in the right direction....

My goal was to put a book(for lack of a better word..About 200 pages numbered) of mine onto my pearl.
I found the text available on the net..
I dont have a data plan so just opening it and reading it online wasnt an option(more of a refrence book anyway)

What i discovered..posting a .doc or .txt onto my phone.. i didnt have a whole lot of success
So.. playing around with MS Word i saved a file as a "webpage"(.htm) as opposed to a word document.. and put it onto my BB via the DM.

my phone read the .htm just fine...(only about a megabyte of space.. not alot)

now the purpose of this thread..

I was capable of "spicing" it up a little, colored text, pictures, more or less a simple little webpage.. i accomplished everyithing i was hoping for, i now have the material i wanted...Its easily accessable, easy to navigate and doesnt look(plain..) like black text on a white background..

Since im not a programmer, and i cant just create a program,.. im fairly proud of my end result..

Has anybody done anything similar??
anybody have any ideas??
Im curious as to the capabilities of what creating an html document can accomplish.(yeah.. i know i should just get a data plan, but i dont have an extra $20 a month.)

(ps..If anybodys a friend of Bill Wilson-its nice to have the basic text handy and not having to lug a book around.)