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i accidientaly deleted all my files on mt bb 8100. You know right when you ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question i need help


    i accidientaly deleted all my files on mt bb 8100. You know right when you connect, it it says system itunes applications and stuff? I deleted it all. I dont know if some one could copy theres and send it as an attachment to my email, but othere then that, if you guys know a way i could get those files back, that would be great.

    My computer deleted the files not me it said memory dump and then all the files where gone same diff tho right?
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    Re: i need help

    I guess i have no idea what you're talking about. Please clarify...
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    Re: i need help

    yeah I'm with ya on that, cannot understand what they are referring to.
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    Re: i need help

    Umm... I'm lost as well, Are you talking about synchronizer data, or is your blackberry not functional and show nothing more than a WSOD (White screen of death) and an error message?
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    Re: i need help

    Do you mean applications? to say you erased all you files is too broad and we'll need to know EXACTLY what you mean to help you...

    But if it is indeed applications you can download that from your Service Provider's website and load them via your Desktop Manager. If that's not he issue please specify
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