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I am trying to access a MS word doc attachment and when I try to ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    Question I need Help!!!!!!!


    I am trying to access a MS word doc attachment and when I try to veiw it I get an error message that says more request cannot be completed. Service book information not found. Anyone Have any ideas on how to fix this???

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    Re: I need Help!!!!!!!

    I beleive that you need a special reader ie. E-Office or Handango (paying service applications) to read word attachment. Other way around this - reend the e-mail to a 3rd party e-mail ( Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc...) and then open the attachment.

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    Re: I need Help!!!!!!!

    First let me make sure I understand correctly, so that I don't mislead you.

    You are trying to view an attachment on an email? If so fine. If you are trying to open a .DOC you have stored on your device other than an email attachment, it will not open.

    Two simple things to try are:
    Log into your Mobile Provider account online from your computer and you should be able to request that a Service Book be sent to your BB.

    The other thing is whenever things don't work that have worked in the past. Shut down, remove the battery and it will completely cold boot your device.

    Try that and let us know.

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