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i dont understand how to use ota?? can anyone help this dummy??... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    i dont understand ota??


    i dont understand how to use ota?? can anyone help this dummy??

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    OTA stands for over the air. Those are applications you can download right to your bb without using your computer. You can see some of the applications if you go to the download section on the site.

    By the way you can point your bb to the website (type in the address) and download it through your browser on your bb.
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    Like cgal said, it's using your BB to download a file rather than your PC. Basically, think of it as downloading thru your BB rather than a computer. That's it. When downloading ota, go to the website of interest and look for a .JAD file and you're in business.

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    Another option is to download the file to your computer. Transfer it to your media card. Then install it like you'd do OTA. This is used by folks who want OTA installation programs but dont have a data plan. More detailed information (with pictures) are provided in this thread...

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