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For those who already have one, how long does a single charge last under normal ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    How's the battery life?


    For those who already have one, how long does a single charge last under normal usage? Normal usage to me is...checking email every 10 - 15 minutes with BES service and 2 hours of talking per day. Feature-wise, this is a similar phone to the TMO SDA and if you didn't manage apps on the SDA the battery would be drained at the end of the day. The SDA had windows "task manager" and I would have to go in a couple times per day and kill all running apps in order to have the battery last more than one 10 hour day. I am thinking the MP3 player will be used while snowboarding and this feature would drain the battery on the SDA really fast.

    Anyone who has had one long enough to know, any input would be great!

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: How's the battery life?

    I am pleasantly surprised at battery life. I expected this one to last a lot less than my 8700, which gave me 4 to 4.5 hours of talk time per charge (browsing and email hardly mattered). I have not yet run the battery down - however I spoke for 50 minutes, and the battery level went down to 80% - so looks good so far.

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    Re: How's the battery life?

    ~via BB ( I'm lookin forward of getting one.maybe tomorrow

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    Re: How's the battery life?

    i'm also impressed with the battery life. i had a moto q and using the same functionss and frequency, the blackberry is about 75 percent charged when the q is at 40. so its pretty solid.

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    Re: How's the battery life?

    We just recevied 2 8100's this morning, so we've not been able to do much in the way of power testing.

    What I found out is that the new (yellow label) C-M2 battery works fine in an 8700 and in a 7100.

    What surprsied me is that the older (blue label) C-S2 battery of the 8700 also works in the 8100. When the 8700 came out the old (black label) C-S1 battery from the 7100t would not power the device.

    I'll need to see how this affects battery life, but so far it confirms my suspicion that the new battery just has a higher mAH rating that the C-S2 does, to accomodate the additional load placed on it by the camera. So if you've switched and you're in a pinch battery wise, your 8700 battery should work fine until they start selling spare C-M2 batteries.

    Hopefully, one of the two people that requested the 8100 will tire of it by Friday and I can see how long the C-M2 lasts in my 8700c.

    Oh, and not that you'll EVER need to do this, but the C series batteries will power a 72xx device. You just need to tape, hold or rubber band it into place so it stays on the 4 contacts.

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    Re: How's the battery life?

    I just bought my pearl 8100 about 2 weeks ago. Can anybody tell me what the average battery life should be and if you've had any problem with memory leaks in any applications you've downloaded?

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    Re: How's the battery life?

    had my pearl for almost a year and with the TLC i give it it always last me a whole day no matter how much I use it or abuse it!

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