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I am currently in india and you know here not a single person having blackberry ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    I am currently in india and you know here not a single person having blackberry pearl (may be some have got now) here internet is very costly...and i had searched many threads that provides free and good apps, themes, is there any way i can download the stuff from that mobile site by using my computer...i had searched the websites that say they enable you browse wapsites on your computer e.g. wapilson but wen i enter it says error and wen i enter it says prefix http:// with it...can any one tell me how to browse that site for downloading stuuf on my computer

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    Re: How to surf...clear me out

    No, actually it IS possible, and an answer shouldn't be given so definitively when you don't know the answer.

    For starters, there are WAP emulators, and more to the point RIM has BlackBerry Simulators available. I can't get it to emulate a data connection, but I'm sure it's possible. Maybe someone someone that browses the Developers Forums would know how to set up the network for the device for that. I know they try to connect to the Internet because with each new device Windows Firewall asks if I want to allow it access!

    The problem, Jaspreet, is that files that are designed to be downloaded and installed OTA (Over The Air) can't be "pushed" into your device, so if you found a .JAD or .JAR file which is meant to be downloaded onto your BlackBerry to install an application, that routine can't be done on your computer and then pushed over the sync cable. Even if you did this with a BlackBerry Simulator, you'd need to know the file(s) downloaded and where they're put!

    That said, you CAN download Media files on your computer and transfer them to your SD card, and even to the Device's memory.

    In fact, if you found a .COD file online (I don't see this often, but every once in a while someone will post them), you can even download that on your computer (if you can browse to the site) and "install" it onto your BlackBerry using JL_Cmdr using the load option.

    If you're trying to minimize your BlackBerry Data Usage, get the link to the .JAD or .JAR file on your computer and email the link to your BlackBerry so that you only have to pull down the file itself instead of doing all the browsing required to get to the file!

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