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Alrighty then... tried battery pull after deleting Mapquest entirely. Reloaded as stated above with selecting sprint and 71xx phone, got the text and loaded. Tried every turn on/off, pair, allow, face east/west and hop on one leg while spinning counter clockwise trick I could find and...............

no sattelite connection. The holux works with google maps even when inside but not MapQuest.
I saved the DL page to favorites and when I return to it this is what I see:

Evidently MapQuest caught on and doesn't like AT&T.

Well, at least for now, mama AT&T lets me use google maps withought paying extra for GPS. I cant even get the Holux 240 to work with TelNav, you have to buy the GPS unit from AT&T then pay for service each month.
you can try nav4all, it's nowhere as good and interface is pretty terrible. But it does provide voice navigation and similar navigation screen as Mapquest. See if that works.