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How to block callers 1) Add the Phone number to your address book (i name ... BlackBerry Pearl forum

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    How to block callers

    1) Add the Phone number to your address book (i name them as Dont Answer 1, Dont answer 2)
    2) Go to your Profiles and go to advanced...
    3) In the Profiles Advanced Menu, hit the Menu Buttons and pick "new exception"
    4) name your Exception ( did mine as "Dont not answer"
    5) in "From:" press the menu button and pick "add name"
    6) You will be taken to your 'address book' in there pick the caller (or Dont answer 1) and click it
    7) And you will be taken back your Exceptions menu. There scroll down to "Use Profile" pick "OFF"
    8) and just i also put the Custon Ringtone as MUTE

    And when the person call you, the phone wont vibrate or ring. You just wont hear anything, but when you later check your phone logs you will see that the person had called you. This is just a free easy way of blocking callers.

    If you want to block callers with "Restricted, Wiresess caller, etc" call your service provider and ask them.

    Any Questions ?

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    Re: How to: Block Callers

    I seem to be having trouble with setting the exception to use the "OFF" profile. The OS doesn't seem to be recognizing that the number calling is one of the numbers in my "don't answer" address book entries and treating it like a regular call. I have OS .103 on AT&T. Anyone else having similar problems??

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    Re: How to: Block Callers

    humm...i have no idea.

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